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Chad Peevy, owner

Chad Peevy has worked with hundreds of small businesses from around the globe who all shared a common objective – to get more business. It may be the word ‘practical’ that sums up Peevy’s approach to help his clients realize their goal. As a champion of smart marketing investments and careful evaluation, Peevy understands the essential need for businesses to consider metrics over hype when making marketing decisions. He has worked with established and new businesses to help them realize their goals through strategic marketing solutions.

Peevy’s portfolio of clientele is eclectic, ranging from mortgage brokers to musicians. He has extensive experience in the Real Estate industry – at one time the Peevy Media offices were in the nation’s largest real estate office building. Peevy also brings extensive experience in the coffee industry having served as a consultant and program developer for retail and wholesale coffee outlets.

Featured in the Austin American-Statesman, Austin Chronicle, L Style G Style, Grassroots Monthly and many online outlets, Peevy is recognized as an agent for change, and a progressive thinker.

Peevy’s consulting practice has helped businesses realize increased revenue, streamline processes, create efficient systems, ease cash-flow and improve working relationships. His years of experience have developed a toolbox of effective practices that can be used for businesses selling either goods or services. He is a frequent guest speaker for business associations.

As founding president of Austin’s Gay and Lesbian Pride Foundation, Peevy successfully lobbied the Austin City Council to support Austin Pride as a co-sponsor of the event. The City co-sponsorship meant no fees from the City (approximately $15,000 annually), and recognizes Austin as an LGBT-friendly city to live and visit. As president of Austin’s Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, Peevy successfully lobbied City Council to financially support and officially recognize the organization and also to require City contractors to have a non-discrimination policy in place that protected the rights of people who identify as LGBT. The AGLCC and City of Austin continue to benefit from these efforts.

Peevy received his Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Arkansas and Master’s Degree from The University of Texas at Austin.